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168 Guys – Guy #47

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Finding friends in the wrong places…

I’m not sure what’s worse: Doing porn with someone you can’t stand or doing porn with someone you want to spend the night with.


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168 Guys – Guy #86

A slut in sheep’s clothing…

“Instead of taking the time to get to know people and explore their personalities, I have sex with them. It’s what I do. If I meet someone who I think could be the Guy of my dreams, my first instinct is to get him horizontal somehow, to cover the basics if you will.

This is arguably sad. I think every gay slut knows what a sad stereotype he is. It’s the reason why they so often meet up in dark places, to hide the sadness.

Of course, from time to time you can’t help but meet someone who might be, as they say it, relationship material.”


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168 Guys – Guy #84

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The stalker…

A fact of life is that some people are crazy. And sometimes you find out someone is crazy after exchanging bodily fluids and phone numbers.

Guy #84 and I spent about an hour together. It was good. He was very passionate, funny, kind and made me feel completely at ease.

He liked me as well.

I know, because I had forty missed calls the morning after.
Over seventy on the second day.
About thirty on the third.

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